Candle Combo: The Ninja Signal

What is the Candle Combo?

Created by me  ThetradingNinja, I developed this pattern when I started to see it often on  specific time frames frequently. Its a continuation setup that consists of “Two candles” with the combination of the  Middle Keltner Channel.


Picture 1. $SPX 4hr Chart: 



This is an actual chart used in chat as our trade signal to go long $SPX with calls.

When does it occur?

This candle setup usually occurs after a downtrend or can be spotted in an uptrend. It happens either during or right before  crossing the Middle Keltner channel. 

Where can I spot it?

Mainly spotted on the 4 hour time frame. Also can be on shorter time frames like hourly and longer Daily and Weekly. Look for follow through.


Picture 2. $SPX 4hr Chart: 2/26


Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 2.13.22 PM


Image result for twitter follow image png




7 thoughts on “Candle Combo: The Ninja Signal

      1. Thank you. couple more questions:
        1. Curious to know why you use MA and not EMA? EMA gives more weight to recent prices so why SMA?
        2. If I understood your response, you use SMA,
        upper band: SMA * 1.5 (or 2)
        lower band: SMA * 2 (or 2.5) – i think you mad a mistake in “2/2.0”
        the middle band is your SMA itself. what period is that SMA? 30?

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  1. ok. got it. interestingly, TOS uses SMA as you mentioned, whereas Questrade IQ Edge (which I’m using) uses EMA by default. it is configurable, though. thank you!

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