$SPX Trading Challenge Round 3.. 500to100k(No Distractions)

This is a self challenge all members follow knowing the risk. All and all with this challenge we only trade Monday Wednesday and Friday. For this reason $SPX has same day expiry.(click here to read more on option Expiration here). We dont trade this challenge on Tuesdays or Thursdays. Yes, we trade other tickers as well but this focus is to work our way up.


Monday March 5th. Day 1.

Bought to open SPX 2720C 2 cons @.25=$50

Sold to close SPX 2720C 1 cons @2.50=$250

Bought to open SPX 2730C 2 cons @.95=$190

Bought to open SPX 2730C 2 cons @.45

Bought to open SPX 2730C 6 cons @.25

Sold to close 1 cons @4.00=$400

All 10 contracts of SPX 2730C expired worthless


3:25pm. Starbucks wifi went out. Couldn’t fallback on my AT&T Data because the towers in the area was down. 

3:50pm. I get home and connected to wifi but premiums are now below .20

It was crucial for me because my lady was driving trying to rush to get me home but due to college campus delayed time even more.

Its happens still closed +120.

Account Peaked.(3/5/18)


Account Closed.(3/5/18)


Tuesday March 6th. Day 2.


Bought to open SPX 2745C 1 con @3.60=$360

Today I broke the most important rule of all. I traded on non expiration days. I watched this current trade play out from highs to lows at 1.35 now sitting at 4.00 I never entered but I kept walking away . Teaching oneself to be patient is key to becoming a profitable trader. Sometimes we break rules for good reasons just as we would for bad reasons.


4:10pm. /ES DROPS -32pts due to Cohn resigning


Wednesday March 7th. Day 3. 


Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 4.32.30 PM

Friday March 9th. Day 1. 

Its a new day and based off these itchy hands tomorrow should be very profitable. Ill be focused per usual and traveling but no distractions. Stay tuned I will update each position right after I close them! Good Luck to all.


Bought to open SPX 2780C 4 con @.50=$200

Bought to open SPX 2785C 5cons @.40=$200

Bought to open SPX 2790c 2cons @.30=$60

Sold to close SPX 2780C 4 con @5.10=$2,000

Sold to close SPX 2785C 5cons @1.25= $625


Monday March 12th. Day 2

Bought to open SPX 2805c

Bought to open SPX 2810c

Bought to open SPX 2815c


Let’s just say 2 challenge errors have cost me and as a trader I’m just going to blame myself to move on. But on a strong positive note that’s TWICE I peaked over $3k starting with $500.

It’s like support and resistance. My account double tapped resistance then retraced. Next attempt is a breakout. So -1k total on two challenge attempts.

Today’s Error: instead of buying 1 as I do to test it was 10 but I didn’t notice until about 30mins later. Once I buy I close the app and just watch the chart. View trades up top.

On another Note, I will be the first options trader to turn a small amount $500 and below into $100k. Every day I remain consistent and determined. Thanks for all the support TEAM and followers.


10 thoughts on “$SPX Trading Challenge Round 3.. 500to100k(No Distractions)

  1. Hey, great! will keep following your Challenge. One question. Why do your want to only options expiring same day? Is there a advantage in trading it?

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  2. Question.. Are you reinvesting the wins or will you keep trading with $500? Your challenge is interesting. I had a 1k to 500k challenge but did not limit it to 1 symbol. I like yours better because of the focus..

    Liked by 1 person

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