Re-Attempting $150-$50k Challenge Today

So technically being $35 away from $50k isn’t actually hitting the $50k target. Even if I had the funds in my wallet or account. Little joke from my buddy FutureMeDead. So this time well start it again. Something about setting targets and actually hitting them makes me feel much more accomplished. So with that being said today starts the challenge again.

Would it be made public trade for trade you ask? No, but I will gladly post either end of day results of account value.

Below will be updated Daily… So stay tuned!

Day 1: 1/22/18

Day 2: 1/23/18

Day 3: 1/24/18

Day 4: 1/25/18


10 thoughts on “Re-Attempting $150-$50k Challenge Today

  1. Are you making just 1 trade per day at the start here, or multiple trades? When account gets bigger, are you in multiple trades, or everything into 1 trade at a time?

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  2. Hi mate. Not sure if you’ll see this let alone respond but I have a question regarding my own personal trading that you seem more than qualified to answer.

    Thanks in advance

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