$500 to $50k challenge: Trading $SPX and more

If your familiar with my past challenges this is basically all summed up as one. First challenge ever I turned $120/$200 into $48k in two weeks trading only “OPTIONS”. Next challenge was $300 into $7k until AT&T no signal cost me big time… now this time I will try to do it again.

Starting with only $500 goal is to compound gains day after day. Until I hit the goal of $50k. Once I get there I will then either work on a newer challenge turning that amount into another amount. Also follow me on TWITTER @TRADEWITHNINJA

Description of Trade:

Using only $500 capital

BrokerEtrade(for executions) ThinkOrSwim (for charts and UI)

Account Type: Cash Account( which allows me to trade using the cash available. in which goes around the PDT rule).

Goal of challenge:

– Wire out initial starting capital($500) when over $5k

– keep position size small unless comfortable with size and take profits when present

– stay close to “ITM” In the Money as possible

– less lottos until account is manageable

– hedge when possible but keep focus on gut side

– #SeeProfitTakeProfit

– max 2 trades a day

Hope my Journey opens up the minds of those who think this is impossible. Below will be the account balance and trades. Stay Tuned!

Challenge Initiated 


DAY 1: 4/9

BTO $SPX 2665c 7 contracts @ .392= $280

STC $SPX 2665c 5cons @1.35 =$675

STC $SPX 2665c 2cons @.70 =$140

BTO $SPX 2555p 2 contracts @ .50= $100(-100)

BTO $SPX 2615p 3 contracts @ .2833= $88

STC $SPX 2665c 3 contracts @ .1.20= $360


DAY 2: 4/10

BTO $SPX 2570p 2cons @2.95 =$600

STC $SPX 2570p 2cons @1.35 =$270(-330)

BTO $COP 63c 20cons @.28 = $560

BTO $STX 63c 3cons @.48= $144

BTO $SPX 2750c 7cons @.05= $35

FullSizeRender 2

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 4.32.30 PM


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